The Company

Form: Limited Liability Consortium


OHM members: Interoute spa, Eolo spa, MIX srl, Supernap Italia srl, Equinix Italia, VueTel Italia spa, Fastweb, Rete XMED, Retelit, In-site and Italtel spa.


Multistakeholder is a successful model abroad, but not developed in Italy -> Italian Telecommunication system needs to evolve towards more advanced models.


Multistakeholder means Opennes, capacity to attract investments also from other Countries

Multistakeholder helps to:


·   create a real open Italian market
evolve from the de-facto monopoly/oligopoly to a multivendor system = competitiveness = development of the market
open Italy shores to new international traffic = development of the whole Internet Italian Ecosystem


·   no single control = more data security